2-Day Profit-Hacking Virtual Event
for Investors & Traders

2-Day Profit-Hacking Virtual Event
for Investors & Traders

20-21 NOV 2020 | 7PM PST | ONLINE
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Hear from 3 Million-Dollar Trading Minds as They Divulge Their Trademark Strategies for Beating the Market with Consistent Profits 

2020 is a blood-pumping financial year - with the steepest crash in market history, a 5-month wild bull dash to all-time highs, to the jitters gripping us right now.

Investors & traders who stood on the wrong side of the market have found themselves slaughtered mercilessly… and this happens to 90% of market players.

But amid this massacre of trading capital, a group of silent profiteers continue to bag in sizeable profits month after month. How? By having a hidden, calculated edge over the market.

At BLACK MARKET, you’ll hear from the ingenious minds behind the Piranha Profits™ trading school. Men who grow 6 to 7-digit portfolios with consistent returns. Profit hackers who continuously test and create new strategies to exchange rewards with minimal risk. Eagled-eyed professionals who run their portfolio like a profit-driven business.

BLACK MARKET is the annual flagship event by Piranha Profits™ online trading school. Helmed by Adam Khoo, one of the world’s most-followed financial mentors, get ready for priceless market insights and strategies that will transform your profits in 2021. 
  • Learn the closely-guarded trademark strategies of millionaire traders divulged for the first time on a public global platform 
  • Discover the battle-tested action plans used by top traders to consistently beat the market even during the volatile monster of 2020
  • From nimble strategies designed for smaller accounts, to capital-flipping techniques for loaded investors, there’s something new to learn for everyone 
  • ​Hear insightful interviews and stories from home investors & traders who turned their accounts from red to green
  • ​Connect with over 10,000 like-minded investors & traders worldwide through one common language ─ “Profit”
  • ​Take a virtual tour of the BLACK MARKET and explore exciting activities for investors and traders
3 days. 12 mind-gripping topics. Thousands of profit-focused traders around the world connected through our screens.
This is BLACK MARKET. Come now. It’s time to make a killing.
Profiteers assemble. If the idea of owning a fatter trading account excites you, you must attend this event. This event is designed for: 
  • Investors who want to identify high potential stock picks that can grow your capital by average 12% a year or more.
  • ​Traders who want to generate monthly income even in rocky market conditions… starting with a modest $10K account.
  • ​Practical investors and traders who believe in consistent profits over one-hit-wonders. 
  • ​Anyone who wants to learn powerful, proven strategies to profit from the financial markets.
BLACK MARKET is perfect for:


Investors & Traders 
who want to start with a $10K account.


Investors & Traders
who want to gain the confidence to go live.


Investors & Traders
who want a proven plan to make consistent profits. 


Investors & Traders
who want to take your income to the next level.
20 & 21 November 2020, Fri & Sat
7 PM daily(Pacific Timezone)
UTC -5
(Ottawa, Canada)
20 − 21 November 2020, 10.00pm
UTC +0
(London, UK)
21 − 22 November 2020, 3.00am
UTC +8
(Singapore / KL, Malaysia)
21 − 22 November 2020, 11.00am
UTC +11
(Sydney, Australia)
21 − 22 November 2020, 2.00pm
Attend Both Days of BLACK MARKET and Receive Adam Khoo's December '20 Market Analysis Report
(worth USD 100)
Get ready for 10 hours of no-holds-barred sharing by high-performing market mentors.
No fluff, no nonsense ─ only pure wisdom gathered from over 40 years of combined market experience:
Investment Ideas
Discover high potential stocks for long-term growth
Option Trade Ideas 
Discover trade setups our mentors are watching
Market Forecast
Hear our traders’ take on what to look out for in coming months
Panel  Discussion 
Watch pro traders reveal personal trading tips and market insights
Trademark Strategies
Learn secret powerful techniques pro traders use to beat the market
Market Psychology 
Learn the winning mindset of top market performers.
Trader Interviews
Learn from the trading journey of home traders like yourself
Live Q&A 
Pick our mentors’ brains and get your questions answered

DAY ONE / 20 November 2020, Fri

Into the Minds of Millionaire Traders:
“How We Tackled the Monster Market of 2020”
By Adam Khoo, Bang Pham Van, Alson Chew
From the steepest crash in market history… to the 5-month wild bull dash to all-time highs… to the US jitters. 2020 was a savage beast for market players. In this thought-provoking chat, hear 3 millionaire trading mentors share how they profited from this year’s major market events and their strategies for the post-presidential race haul.
LIVE Stock Reading + How to Consistently Beat the Stock Market
With Double Digit Returns  Reading
By Adam Khoo
Last year, he beat the S&P 500 with +44% annual investment returns. This year, he pocketed USD 1 million from the Feb-Mar crash. Using his signature Value Momentum Investing™ strategy, watch award-winning financial mentor Adam Khoo decode the most popular stock voted by YOU. Plus! Discover the perfect mix of 6 high growth and low-risk stock groups for strong, long-lasting portfolio gains. 

DAY TWO / 21 November 2020, Sat

Decoding the Stock Market Rig: How to Spot the Price Deception by Market Makers and Profit Alongside Them 
By Alson Chew
Ever entered a trade on an uptrend, only to have it hit your stop-loss with no warning? Worse still, the price immediately U-turns upwards after taking you out? That’s a classic case of price manipulation by Market Makers… and it happens more often than you think. Let ex prop desk trader Alson Chew show you how prices move behind the scenes and how to avoid the deadly traps laid to sabotage our profits.  
Secrets of a Genius Options Trader: How I Doubled Two Trading Accounts in 10 Months Using My "Profit-Sniping" Strategy 
By Bang Pham Van
Many people trade options, but few are well-versed enough to design new strategies. Hear from Bang, the options tactician who tests & invents brand-new methods that generate high ROI with limited risk. Discover SNIPEX 4B™, his latest low-capital strategy that can bring in multi-fold profits compared to max loss. The best part? It works for busy traders and beginners!
How I Made USD60,000 Returns in 3 Months with This 90% Win Rate XTREME Trading Strategy
By Adam Khoo
Investors and traders who want to increase your profit by 5 to 15% a month should learn this. Discover how Adam uses this advanced trading strategy to profit from stocks with a whopping high win rate of 90%. This powerful strategy works for both “big whales” with lots of capital, and traders with smaller accounts! 
“The financial markets are where wealth is transferred from the ignorant and emotional to the competent and rational.”
With over 588,000 subscribers and over 25 million views on YouTube, Adam Khoo is one of the world’s most followed financial mentors. Having over 2 decades of market experience, Adam owns multiple 6- to 7-figure investment portfolios. Last year, he outperformed the S&P 500 index by achieving +44% annual returns.

In April 2020, Adam called the end of the stock market crash and taught his students to invest in fundamentally strong stocks at great discounts. 5 months later, the US stock market reached new all-time highs, making Adam USD 1 million in investment gains.
By day, he is the senior financial manager at a Fortune 500 company. By night, he is a logic-driven Options tactician who calculates every move with a consistent win rate of 96%.
With over 20 years of live trading experience, this veteran trader has executed more than 10,000 trades. Using his time-saving 20-minute Options strategies, he generates high ROI from the market and even grew $100K to $204K in 9 months. He has personally invented 3 trademark options strategies including the SNIPEX™ that has bagged him over USD 200,000 within months.

As a top-performing former prop desk trader, Alson made a total net profit of USD 1.2 million for his firm where he won the Top Trader Award twice in a row.

With over 9 years of live trading and research, Alson gained insider insights into the market’s inner workings. He eventually decoded the price deception by Market Makers and created his trademark Price Action Manipulation™ strategy for directional trading in U.S equities, indices, forex and commodities.

About Piranha Profits
Piranha Profits™ is the online trading school helmed by award-winning financial mentor Adam Khoo. We impart investors & traders with the skill to profit consistently for a lifetime. Our lessons are attended by over 8,000 traders in 124 countries.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is it really free?
Yep. BLACK MARKET is an educational event aimed at leveling up investors & traders worldwide. Tickets are limited, so grab yours now!
I’m new to the markets, is this event suitable for me?
Some of our higher-level strategies require at least basic knowledge of the stock markets. But if you’re new to this, we’ve prepared beginner videos that you can watch before the actual event. Grab your ticket now to access all these content for free! 
Will there be a replay?
There will be a limited-time replay only for event registrants. Be sure to get your ticket now to get access to our valuable content!

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