26-28 NOVEMBER 2019 | 20:00 PST
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“BOOM. That’s the sound of his trading account bursting.”
Every day, 90% of unsuspecting traders get slaughtered in the dark ocean of the financial markets… and they don’t even know why.

But amid this massacre of trading capital, a group of silent profiteers continue to bag in profits day after day. How? By having a hidden, calculated edge over the market.

At BLACK MARKET, you’ll hear from the ingenious minds behind the Piranha Profits™ trading school. Men who grow 6 to 7-digit portfolios at 33% returns consistently without batting an eyelid. Masters at exchanging minimal risk for up to 10X rewards. Eagled-eyed professionals who run their portfolio like a profit-driven business. 
Get Ready for Market-Beating Strategies that’ll Transform the Way You Plan Your Trades
Imagine leaning in towards your computer while seasoned money-makers divulge their trade secrets to you. As you listen intently to the wisdom of trading psychology, you start developing the focus to lock your eyes on the big goal and stay fearless during short-term drawdowns. 

Your blood pumps with excitement as you hear the powerful strategies that’ll help you turn the tables on Mr. Market. Control your losses with precision. Take profit with deadly confidence.

“Ahh… this is what my trading plan is missing.” You let out a grin as you realise you’re finally grasping the key to better profits. These priceless insights are gonna make you that cool-headed, consistent chart reaper you’ve always wanted to be.

3 days. 12 mind-gripping topics. Thousands of profit-focused traders around the world connected through our screens.
This is BLACK MARKET. Come now. It’s time to make a killing.
Profiteers assemble. If the thought of owning a fatter trading account excites you, you must attend this event. This event is designed for: 
  • Realistic traders who believe in consistent profits over one-hit-wonders. 
  • ​Smart traders who favour a calculated plan with firm rules rather than taking unnecessary risks. 
  • ​Committed traders who are willing to put in effort instead of searching for a “holy grail”.
BLACK MARKET is perfect for:
Newbie traders 
who want a simple, understandable way to get started.
Demo traders 
who want to gain the confidence to go live. 
Struggling traders 
who want a proven plan to make consistent profits. 
Seasoned traders 
who want to take your income to the next level.
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Get ready for over 12 hours of no-holds-barred sharing by consistent, peak-performing traders. No fluff, no nonsense – just pure wisdom gathered from over 40 years of combined trading experience:
Investment Ideas
Discover highly profitable stock and e-coin opportunities

Trade Hunt
Watch a pro trader find trade setups right before your eyes
Market Forecast
Hear our traders’ take on what to look out for in coming months
Panel Discussion
Hear pro traders reveal personal trading tips and stories
Learn how pro traders extract profits in any market condition
Learn how to control your emotions even during a losing streak 
Trader Interviews
Learn from the trading journey of home traders like yourself
Ask trading mentor Adam Khoo and have your burning questions answered
Instruments Covered
We have a cup of tea for every trader – because no trader is made the same.

26 NOVEMBER 2019, TUE (8 PM PST)

Tricks, Taboos & Trade Secrets: Into the Minds of Millionaire Traders
Presenters: Adam Khoo, Alson Chew, Bang Pham Van
A trading mentor who made millions from the stock market; a former prop-desk strategist with a million-dollar track record; a C-suite executive managing a part-time 6-digit Options portfolio. How did 3 men with vastly different backgrounds and personalities each build their wealth from trading? In this bare-it-all chat, discover the logic within these brilliant trading minds.
How to Build a Million-Dollar Investment Portfolio on an Average Paycheck
Presenter: Adam Khoo
You don’t need to be a tycoon to win in the stock market. Millionaire investor Adam Khoo shows you how to realistically achieve 20-50% returns every year… even if you’re a plain ol’ salaryman. Using his trademark Value Momentum Investing™ strategy, discover how to spot and buy fast-growth companies at huge discounts. Plus! – Revealing the 7 stocks you MUST own for the next decade.
Interview with an Ex Revenge Trader
Presenters: YY Choo with Adam Khoo
In 2015, he burst his trading account. Blinded by rage, he gambled against Mr. Market and burnt his hard-earned savings in one losing streak. Hear stock & FX trader YY Choo reveal the emotional traps in trading and how he mastered his trading psychology to become a consistently profitable trader today.
Trader Interview: Why I Fired My Banker and Became a Home-Based Trader
Presenters: Emil Hansen with Adam Khoo
After inheriting a fortune, full-time student Emil entrusted his money to a bank’s investing scheme. But hope soon turned to disappointment when he realized the bank had underperformed the S&P 500 and even lost 2% of his funds. He decided to take control of his financial destiny and became a home-based trader with 68% win rate…
Riding the Next Wave in Digital Assets
Presenter: Alson Chew
USD 1.25 million. That’s how much Alson made from digital assets investments in under 8 months – and he’s just getting started. Let this award-winning former prop-desk trader share with you how to profit from the digital assets market’s boom and bust cycles… and one profit-doubling “must-catch” event coming to us in May 2020. 

27 NOVEMBER 2019, Wed (8 PM PST)

Swing Trading Stocks Like a Pro: How I Hunt for High Probability Setups Every Day
Presenter: Adam Khoo
“Look out for these telltale signs, strike once the stars align.” Watch how Adam uses a selection of indicators with the “Power of Confluence” to consistently screen for trades with strong success rates. Delve into the psychology of peak-performing stock traders and learn proven strategies that’ll give you a positive profit expectancy.
How to Trade Options as a Business… While Having a Full Time Job
Presenter: Bang Pham Van
Like a swiss knife, Options trading is a versatile tool for both investors and traders.
Let veteran trader Bang show you how he selects the best Options strategy to tackle any given market condition. Learn how this C-suite executive generated 105% ROI in 9 months while juggling his day job… using his efficient 20-minute-a-day strategies.
Secrets of Winning Forex Traders + The Most Powerful Forex Indicator
Presenter: Adam Khoo
Learn a powerful Forex trading plan that’ll help newbies become confident “pip fishers” even during volatile markets. You’ll walk home with a simple strategy to generate 5-15% profits a month. Finally, watch Adam reveal the little-known indicator that professional bank traders use to generate strong Forex returns.
Trading with Robots! How to Beat the Index with Artificial Intelligence
Can we be 100% rational in trading? With robo trading, it’s possible! Find out how A.I. detects market inefficiencies to potentially achieve returns that out-perform the S&P500. 

28 NOVEMBER 2019, THU (8 PM PST)

Trader Interview: How I Beat the S&P 500 Every Year as a Full-Time Trader
Presenter: Thong An with Adam Khoo
3 years ago, he sold his businesses and became a full-time trader. Since then, Thong An has consistently outperformed the S&P 500 — even doubling the index returns with 42% profits this year. Hear him share his personal trading rules, psychology, risk management tips and how he swing trades profitably using less than 1.5 hours a day.
7 Practical Trading Weapons to Save Your Time and Money
Presenter: YY Choo
Brokers, scanners, hot buttons… it’s the everyday tools we use that make our trading more efficient and profitable. Join YY as he shares 7 of his most practical trading hacks that will cut short your trading hours and save on broker commissions.
How I Multiplied My Trading Profits by 26 Times in 30 Days Using Options
Presenter: Adam Khoo
Investors and traders looking to increase their profits must watch this. Discover how to boost your % ROI by controlling high-priced stocks with just a small capital. You’ll learn how to use Options to protect your portfolio during crashes, and how to earn 20 - 30% extra yearly income even in bear and sideways markets. 
Built to Profit: The Ultimate Professional’s Portfolio
Presenter: Adam Khoo
A pro trader employs multiple assets and strategies to build a profitable and diversified portfolio that works in bull, bear and sideways markets. In this closing keynote, Adam breaks down the merits of stocks, Forex, Options and shows you how to find a profitable strategy that suits your personality.
Register and Receive an Exclusive
Market Analysis Report by Adam Khoo
(worth USD 100)
“The financial markets are where wealth is transferred from the ignorant and emotional to the competent and rational.”
One of YouTube’s most watched trading mentors with over 15 million views on his video lessons. Engaging and humorous, Adam is trusted by traders worldwide for his insightful sharing on investing and trading.

The award-winning educator was interviewed on Channel NewsAsia when he called the bottom of the U.S. Subprime Mortgage Crisis and taught his students to buy before the markets’ recovery. A self-made millionaire by age 26, he is the founder of the Piranha Profits online trading school.

By day, he is the Chief Financial Officer of a Fortune 500 company. By night, he is a logic driven Options tactician who calculates every move with a consistent win rate of 96%.

With over 19 years of live trading experience, this veteran trader has executed more than 10,000 trades. Using his time-saving 20-minute-a-day Options strategies, he generates high ROI from the market and even grew $100K to $204K in 9 months.

As a former senior proprietary trader at an established boutique firm, Alson traded a proprietary fund and achieved the firm’s Top Trader Award twice in a row. With his acute market analysis, Alson have achieved a total net profit of more than SGD 1.2 million trading the financial markets over the years.
Since 2016, Alson’s Digital Assets portfolio has grown over 7500%. In just two years, he grew his account from an initial $40,000 to over $3 million. His best trades and investments include Ripple, Tenx and ICON, in which he made over 40 times his initial investment.
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